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G4-10, G4-LA1

Employment at the PGNiG Group by segment

2017 2016* 2015 2014 2013
Exploration and Production 6,998 7,720 8,903 10,221 10,754
Trade and Storage 2,961 3,520 3,462 3,929 4,070
Distribution 11,114 10,846 10,678 12,173 13,050
Generation 1,785 1,870 1,071 1,068 1,066
Other activities 1,836 1,315 1,305 1,605 1,990
Total 24,694 25,271 25,419 28,996 30,930
* Data for 2016, after changes in the reclassification of the PGNiG Group's operations in 2017, was moved from the Trading and Storage segment to the Other activities segment.

As at December 31st 2017, PGNiG Group employed 24,694 staff, 577 (or 2%) fewer than as at December 31st 2016.

In the Exploration and Production segment, a significant drop in employment was recorded. Relative to December 31st 2016, the number of employees fell by 722 (or 9%), owing mainly to the following processes:

  • Ongoing liquidation of Geofizyka Kraków, as a result, employment was reduced by 609 persons (out of which 143 were terminated and the remaining employees were not renewed in short-term contracts)
  • in Exalo Drilling, the employment restructuring process started in 2016 was continued and a further 195 employees (8%) were made redundant.

Compared to the situation as at December 31st 2016, employment in the Distribution segment increased by 268 persons (2%).

The increase in employment is a consequence of the definition of new business needs and investment processes in PSG, as well as the implementation of the age management policy, which ensures optimal age of employees and an appropriately high level of qualifications.

Compared with the situation as at  December 31st 2016, in the Generation segment there was a decline in employment by 85 persons (5%), which was influenced by fundamental structural changes. In September 2017, PGNiG TERMIKA EP and PEC were merged (the remaining name was PGNiG TERMIKA EP). This has enabled both companies to optimise their employment and free up 93 FTEs. In order to minimize the social costs of the restructuring process, the company has launched two programs addressed to its employees: a Retirement Leave (UTE Bis – Urlop Terminowy do Emerytury) and a Voluntary Leave Program (PDO – Program Dobrowolnych Odejść).

In the Other activities segment, in relation to the situation as at  December 31st 2016, there was a decrease in employment by 88 persons (5%), which resulted in a number of changes in particular companies in the segment. The most significant factors affecting the employment status of the segment Other activities should include:

  • reduction of employment in PGNiG Technologie by 99 persons (16%) as a result of the market downturn and a decrease in demand for services provided,
  • restructuring of employment in Geovita, as a result of which 90 employees were made redundant (28%). The reduction in employment was achieved mainly through the termination of fixed-term contracts,
  • increase in employment at PGNiG Serwis by 48 persons, mainly as a result of centralization of shared services within the PGNiG Group,
  • establishing a new entity Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Wzajemnych – Polski Gaz TUW, whose business will be related to property insurance of the PGNiG Group. As at December 31st 2017, employment in the new company was 29 persons.

Workforce structure at the PGNiG Group (in persons, as at the end of 2017)

Workforce turnover − new hires/departures (by age and sex, as at the end of 2017)

Age (years) Number of new hires Number of departures
Women Men Women Men
up to 24 35 140 17 217
25-34 291 491 150 355
35-44 207 342 203 423
45-55 116 337 154 528
over 55 45 181 205 524
TOTAL 694 1,491 729 2,047

Employee turnover at the PGNiG Group in 2017

Organisational unit New employees in 2017 as percentage of total workforce Employees who left in 2017 as percentage of total workforce
PGNiG 4.02% 3.21%
PGNiG Group 6.91% 6.13%