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PGNiG’s recruitment policy is focused on employing top-class specialists whose expertise and competence, combined with the experience and professionalism of the Company’s other staff, will ensure continuity and high standard of business processes. Priority in filling vacancies at the PGNiG Group is given to internal recruitment, to best use the potential of the current employees.

Student internships and work placement programmes

PGNiG offers a number of work placement opportunities and competitions to select candidates to be offered internships and traineeships with the Company. Its work placement programmes are an attractive opportunity to gain professional experience, develop new skills, and learn more about working in the oil and gas industry. In 2017, PGNiG had in place the following internship and education programmes:


It is PGNiG’s proprietary internship and education programme for students of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, the Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences of the Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań and the Faculty of Geology of the Warsaw University. It seeks to identify and attract the best students and graduates who want to pursue their professional careers in the oil and gas industry.

June 2017 saw the end of the fourth edition of the GeoTalent Programme. In the 2016/2017 academic year we organised, for the first time, the GeoTalent Conference, during which students and graduates had the opportunity to present their theses to the audience including PGNiG’s management and academics from the cooperating universities. 15 specialist workshops, 3 social skill development workshops, GeoTurniej (GeoTournament) and the Polish Geology Championship were organised.

Under the GeoTalent Summer Internship Programme, 47 students and recent graduates had the opportunity to gain experience in the exploration and production industry. 25 ambassadors and 21 mentors were involved in the Programme.

Thanks to the GeoTalent Programme, PGNiG can acquire qualified graduates with basic practical knowledge, much needed at the beginning of a young employee’s career. The programme also supports the Company’s recruitment process as it provides an opportunity to learn more about potential future employees.

Energia dla Przyszłości (”Energy for the Future”)

Energia dla Przyszłości is an internship programme run by the Company jointly with two other groups under the Ministry of Energy’s patronage. It aims to find the most talented students and graduates of faculties relevant to the Polish energy sector. Each participating student will have a chance to gain hands-on experience and skills in the areas of interest. Currently, the number of interns enrolled is 21.

Złoża Kariery (“Deposits of Career”)

The Złoża Kariery programme offers students and graduates of all faculties (except oil and gas engineering, covered by GeoTalent) an opportunity to gain professional experience at a large, stable company with a long tradition, included in the WIG 20 stock-exchange index listing the largest Polish companies. Its participants can complete an internship and take part in educational events to support career building.

Internships are also offered by PGNiG outside the programmes discussed above. In 2017, a total of 116 persons took advantage of internship and work placement opportunities.

Internship with TERMIKA

Eleven students took part in the ‘Internship with TERMIKA’ programme in 2016 and ten in 2017. From July to September, they completed internships in seven (2016) and eight (2017) organisational units. The ‘Internship with TERMICA’ programme is addressed mainly to students and graduates of technology universities, and its main goal is to provide the participants with specialist knowledge and test their existing knowledge in practice, show them how a large organisation functions, and improve their teamwork skills.

Number of internship and work placement participants in the PGNIG Group in 2016–2017

Organisational unit Number of internship and work placement
participants in 2017
Number of internship and work placement
participants in 2016
Secondary school students University students Secondary school students University students
PGNiG Group 225 258 208 312
PGNiG 7 109 10 117