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The key internal document governing the remuneration policy at PGNiG is the Collective Bargaining Agreement concluded with the trade unions on July 15th 2009.

The remuneration system is additionally governed by internal rules implemented at individual organisational units and agreements with trade unions.

All employees employed under a contract of employment are covered by the Collective Labor Agreement.

In line with the adopted remuneration policy, base pay rates are based on job grading. The rate depends on the qualifications required for a given job, type of work performed and professional experience.

The policy also provides for additional components of remuneration, the most important of them being:

  • Awards and bonuses under an incentive scheme,
  • Barbara’s Day awards, paid, as a rule, in the amount of a monthly base pay,
  • Jubilee benefits and one-off retirement benefits, in amounts depending on the length of service with the company, and
  • Annual bonuses, in amounts depending on the Company’s performance, negotiated every year with employees.