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One of the overriding principles of the PGNiG Group’s policy is to act in a fair and ethical manner. PGNiG and the PGNiG Group companies are respected for their fairness, both in their management practices and in dealings with trading partners and customers, and it is essential that this reputation be maintained.


The Group companies require their employees to adhere to the standards of ethics, honesty and integrity in any activities they undertake, including in business transactions and in relations with any persons or organisations.

The anti-corruption policy of the PGNiG Group imposes a strict requirement to observe any and all applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations, including international ones and those effective in the countries where the PGNiG Group is present, including (where applicable) the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Each employee, regardless of their position, is required to act in accordance with local, national and international laws, including any anti-corruption regulations, also those contained in the Code of Ethics applicable at the Group.

The purpose of the PGNiG Group’s Anti-Corruption and Gift Policy is to define the obligations of PGNiG and the other Group companies, as well as of their employees and contractors, with regard to preventing corrupt practices, and to provide the employees and contractors with information and guidelines on how to identify corrupt practices and what to do in the event of identifying such practices.