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In April 2017, the PGNiG Management Board adopted the PGNiG Group’s Sustainable Development Strategy for 2017-2022, which supports and complements the business objectives defined in the PGNiG Group Strategy for 2017-2022 while taking into account key areas of sustainable development, ie society, environment and economy, as well as the direction of development outlined in the mission of the PGNiG Group:

„We are a trustworthy supplier of energy for households and businesses.”

and the vision:

„We are a responsible and effective provider of innovative energy solutions.”

PGNiG's mission

The PGNiG's mission defines the responsibility for ensuring energy security and indicates the concentration of attention on the client and his needs.

It also takes into account the specificity of individual and business customers. On the other hand, the vision highlights the innovative nature of the solutions offered by the PGNiG Group.

The awareness of the impact on the environment and responsibility for energy security, rooted in the Group’s value system, are the foundations of the new CSR Strategy.

Considering safety and innovation, the PGNiG Group companies are committed to meeting the highest standards in terms of transparent corporate culture, relations with employees and customers, pro-social attitudes and environmental protection measures, taking into account the expectations of their interest groups and shareholders.

The priorities of the CSR Strategy are presented below.

National energy security

The business activities of the PGNiG Group directly affect Poland’s energy security, which in the perspective of sustainable development is reflected in the objective of providing customers with access to natural gas, electricity and heat, based on diversified sources and directions of natural gas supplies.

This objective is understood as the PGNiG Group’s continuing commitment to the development of natural gas and oil production, gas storage and the provision of diversified sources of supply to customers. In this context of CSR, the key business projects become increasingly important.

As the leader of the natural gas market in Poland, the PGNiG Group is constantly striving to develop natural gas and crude oil production and gas storage, as well as to provide uninterrupted access to these products to its customers. With this objective in mind, we are diversifying geographical directions of natural gas supplies and conducting exploration and production operations

Environmental protection

The PGNiG Group’s operations affect the natural environment along the entire value chain. Considering the contemporary challenges to environmental protection, related to the depletion of natural resources and potential contamination of individual environmental components, we are taking steps to minimise any adverse impact on the environment. To support this goal, we develop technical standards for our operations based on applicable legal requirements and best industry practices. We undertake preventive steps in exploration and production, analyse environmental risks and monitor the impact of our activities on the environment. We also use technologies that reduce any adverse environmental impact and maintain management systems within which we implement environmental objectives and tasks seeking to increase environmental efficiency.

The challenge in this area is also close cooperation and control of compliance with the environmental requirements set for contractors, cooperation with state administration bodies, local governments and the local community. In addition, it starts activities aimed at increasing energy efficiency, such as the implementation and maintenance of an energy management system.

Local society

The nature and scale of the PGNiG Group’s operations, and in particular the potential interference of its exploration, production, storage and distribution infrastructure with the lives of local communities, make the Group deeply committed to building relationships with its social environment. We make every effort to build an equal relationship with local communities, authorities, suppliers and contractors in order to pursue common objectives. The PGNiG Group creates opportunities for cooperation and builds understanding for mutual relations and interdependencies with individual stakeholder groups.

Development of the offering and customer satisfaction

Care for the customers and their satisfaction is one of the key areas of focus for the PGNiG Group companies, including PGNiG S.A., PGNiG OD, PGNiG TERMIKA, and PSG. Retaining the existing customers and acquiring new ones is possible thanks to the implementation of projects designed to ensure professional and friendly customer service and tailoring the offering to the diverse needs of our customers. Building long-term relationships with customers is also among the commitments made in the PGNiG Group’s QHSE Policy and among the requirements for a quality management system.

Care for employee safety and development

Employees are an essential asset determining the Group’s value and the effectiveness of its development. For this reason we make every effort to create friendly and safe workplaces and to involve employees in the company matters through various forms of dialogue and communication. We are deeply committed to providing our employees with stable employment, creating rewarding career opportunities.

Building mutual relations and conducting an open dialogue with trading partners in order to continuously enhance the safety of employees, persons staying on the PGNiG Group’s premises and the local communities as well as successful efforts to constantly and permanently improve occupational health and safety are among PGNiG’s principal commitments set out in the QHSE Policy, implemented through the Group’s health and safety management system.

The PGNiG Group’s ambition is to build an effective organisation based on the unique competences and qualifications of its employees. An integral part of pursuing this ambition is a coherent organisational culture based on business ethics and corporate values. The Sustainable Development Strategy contributes to building a culture of employee engagement in the operations and growth of our organisation. Key aspects of care for employees include issues related to intergenerational management, management of employee relations, improvement of intra-Group communication and strengthening the competencies of the management staff.

Innovation for development

Investment in innovation and modern solutions increase the efficiency of operations, contribute to the growth of the PGNiG Group’s business potential and help minimise the adverse impact of the Group’s operations on the environment. Innovation based on a solid foundation, laid on knowledge, education and R&D activities, can trigger the growth of an organisation. That is why one of our priorities is to develop cooperation with the world of science, as well as to support and initiate the development of start-ups as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

The value system as a basis for action

The objective of ethics programme is to ensure compliance with ethics principles and strengthen PGNiG’s corporate culture by identifying behaviors that are desirable within the company, as well as those that will not be accepted. The rules of ethics are defined in the PGNiG Code of Ethics and in the Principles of Good Practice of the PGNiG Group Manager.

Strategic objectives

The PGNiG Group’s sustainable development strategy rests on six strategic areas that set sustainable development priorities for the next five years. Considering the nature of business activities conducted by the individual PGNiG Group companies, 13 strategic objectives have been defined under the strategy.

Area Subject Strategic objective
Market National energy security Providing customers with access to natural gas, electricity and heat, based on diversified sources and directions of natural gas supplies.
Environment Environmental protection Effective care for environmental issues in all business areas.
Improving energy efficiency throughout the PGNiG Group’s value chain.
Social capital Commitment to the development of social and intellectual capital in Poland by opening up to new initiatives and supporting pro bono projects.
Social communication and dialogue when carrying out investment projects Dialogue with local communities in accordance with the best standards developed at the PGNiG Group.
Customers Customer satisfaction Increasing customer satisfaction by improving service quality and investing in advanced digital communications solutions and tools that meet the needs of various customer groups.
Development of the offer Striving to increase the availability of products and services, including through the development of infrastructure in areas not connected to the gas distribution network and tailoring the offering to the highest standards and customer needs.
Employees Reliable employer Promoting and implementing good hiring standards by pursuing a professional HR policy and building a friendly workplace.
Employee development Development of mentoring and proactive initiatives to ensure the availability of qualified staff.
Occupational health and safety Implementation of uniform OHS management standards in order to constantly increase the safety of PGNiG employees, any other persons on PGNiG premises, and the local community.
Innovations Innovation for development Active support of the development of cooperation with scientific and research institutions and start-ups or SMEs in order to constantly improve the efficiency of company’s operations.
Ethics System of values Broadening the employees’ knowledge of the ethical values and principles applicable in the work environment.
Responsible management of the entire value chain based on transparent cooperation principles taking into account social and environmental criteria as well as human rights.