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Area Risk Risk management measures
taken by the PGNiG Group
NATIONAL ENERGY SECURITY Delay in exploration and production operations
  • Ongoing monitoring of project progress
  • Taking necessary corrective action by the licence operator
Disruptions to gas supplies
  • Constant monitoring of gas supplies
  • Efforts aimed at ensuring real diversification of gas supplies in terms of suppliers and countries
ENVIRONMENT Negative impact of operations on the natural environment
  • Implementation of the QHSE Policy and environmental management systems
  • Environmental education of employees
  • Implementation of energy management system
  • Submitting reports to competent authorities and institutions responsible for environmental management
SOCIETY Risks related to relations with local communities
  • Ongoing communication of and education on executed projects
  • Cooperation with non-governmental organisations
  • Addressing real problems of local communities (programmes, projects, support for local initiatives)
  • Cooperation with local authorities
CUSTOMERS Risks related to relations with customers
  • Review of agreements in terms of legal compliance
  • Provision of customer service training to employees
  • Compliance with the Code of Ethics
  • Rules and regulations applicable to customer relations
  • Development of modern channels of communication with customers
EMPLOYEES Departures of highly qualified staff
  • Clear rules of employee remuneration
  • Regular employee training to improve qualifications
  • Periodic employee assessment by superiors
  • Employee surveys / opinion polls
  • System of social and other benefits for employees
Occupational health and safety risk
  • OHS and first aid training for employees
  • Compliance with the requirement of pre-employment and periodic medical examinations of employees
  • Compliance with internal OHS procedures reflecting external regulations
  • Compliance with the QHSE Policy
  • Ongoing proactive and reactive monitoring
Risk related to social dialogue – relations with trade unions
  • Periodic meetings of management staff with representatives of trade unions
  • Ethics programme management system
  • Rules of meeting employee benefit obligations
  • Social agreements, Company Collective Bargaining Agreements
ETHICS Risk of misconduct (bullying, harassment)
  • Training for employees and management staff
  • Ethics programme management system
  • Code of Ethics with examples of ethical behaviour
  • Ethics officers in the PGNiG Group, including at PGNiG
Risk of corruption
  • Compliance with the Code of Ethics
  • Implementation of the Anti-Corruption and Gift Policy
  • Relevant staff training
  • Ongoing monitoring and analysis of external regulations and their incorporation in internal rules
Risk of irregularities in public procurement processes
  • Staff training on procurement procedures and liability of employees involved in procurement process
  • Internal rules, including the Anti-Corruption and Gift Policy
  • Supervision of procurement documentation by qualified personnel
Risk related to relations with suppliers and counterparties
  • Compliance with the Code of Ethics and the QHSE Policy
  • Employment of qualified staff
  • Requiring contractors and suppliers to comply with the PGNiG Group’s internal regulations