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The key objective of the ‘PGNiG Group Strategy for 2017−2022 with an Outlook Until 2026’ is to increase the Group’s value and ensure its financial stability. To achieve that goal, the Group will need to build a strong competitive position while promoting the advancement of the Polish gas market and expanding its gas networks to unserved areas across the country.

The strategy implemented in 2017 redefines the mission and vision for the PGNiG Group.

Mission statement

We are the trustworthy supplier of energy for households and business

  • Trustworthy – the customers can depend on premium, quality and reliability of our services
  • Energy supplier – our customers are offered a full range of energy products (gas+electricity+heat+other services)
  • Households and businesses – we care for and value every customer: households, businesses and institutions


We are a responsible and effective provider of innovative energy solutions

  • Responsibly – we act transparently, in line with the principles of corporate social responsibility
  • Effectively – we have implemented process and cost optimisation measures
  • Innovative solutions – we are an innovation leader in the energy sector

Primary objective

Increase the PGNiG Group’s  value and ensure its financial stability

  • Value growth – our primary ambition is to create added value for our shareholders and customers
  • Financial stability – we seek to secure long-term financial stability and creditworthiness