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PSG intends to pursue network projects related to the construction of gas networks, connecting new customers, network modernisation, and initiatives aimed at stimulating the development of the gas market and gas distribution system, including the addition points of exit from the transmission network (projects implemented on a continuous basis), development of gas distribution at PSG based on the LNG technology and identification of possibilities for agricultural biogas plants to feed the distribution network. In 2018, PSG will continue nearly 80 projects in various areas of its business, and will also launch new projects to support the implementaion of its strategy for 2016-2022. From the point of view of development of gas fuel distribution, of key importance will be the projects focused on the roll-out of gas networks to be fed using the LNG-based technology, projects to acquire distribution networks, and projects aimed at ensuring compliance of the company’s operations with the current legal framework.

As part of the 2018-2020 Investment Plan, tasks have been defined in the ‘New gas network roll-outs and related alterations’ subcategory, concerning large-scale extenion of the gas distribution network. In addition, tasks involving the installation of LNG regasification stations for the purpose of gas supply to island distribution zones have been identified. Based on the 2018-2020 Investment Plan, the total value of investment expenditue in the above sub-category amounts to PLN 318m (until 2020), and the overall number of tasks selected for implementation is 259, 30 of which involve the feeding of distribution networks with natural gas from LNG regasification stations. The highest number of new LNG regasification stations are planned to be built in the Province of Białystok (11), Province of Wrocław (6), Province of Łódź (5), and Province of Szczecin (5).

Project category Expenditure in 2018 (PLNm)
Gas mains and service line extensions 1,079
Network upgrades 535
Other 546
Total 2,160