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Energy consumption at the PGNiG Group in 2015−2017

Energy consumption 2017 2016 2015
Generated internally from non-renewable sources Electricity [GWh] 894 838 824
Heat [MJ] 4,890,062,269 3,961,884,022 3,661,657,310
Steam [MJ] 43,096,683 38,745,305 41,253,529
Cooling [MJ] 2,193,088 2,220,960 1,630,496
Generated internally from renewable sources  Electricity [GWh] 27.0 19.2 1.3
Heat [MJ] 3.5 2.9 1.0
Steam [MJ]
Cooling [MJ]

In 2017, the majority of the PGNiG Group’s companies mainly consumed energy generated in-house on the basis of non-renewable raw materials. The other Group members have signed contracts with energy companies. The energy consumption volumes correspond with the growth of the Group. Pro-environmental solutions include cogeneration and trigeneration plants owned and operated by some of the companies. In the case of PGNiG UN, all of the energy the company consumes comes from hydroelectric power plants, which generate no emissions.