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Raw materials and consumables used

Consumption of natural gas, hard coal and lignite at the PGNiG Group in 2015−2017

Total raw materials and consumables used 2017 2016 2015
[mcm] [mMg] [mcm] [mMg] [mcm] [mMg]
Natural gas 376.5 152.8 205.9
including PGNiG 270.2 56.4 115.7
Hard coal 2.9 2,9 2.7

Non-renewable raw materials are the basic resource used in the production of electricity and heat at the PGNiG Group. Coal is used to produce electricity and heat mainly in PGNiG TERMIKA Group’s CHP plants, while natural gas is used in the other companies for heating buildings, in heat and electricity production (including for electricity production in cogeneration and trigeneration) as well as in technological processes as fuel for oil heaters in desulphurization and desalination, fuel for boilers, gas compression engines, gas turbines, post-combustion of waste gases.

In 2017, gas consumption rose due to combustion on flares during the process of obtaining access to deposits and due to an increase in the number of branches and production facilities of PGNiG TERMIKA EP i PGNiG OD. Most of the companies try to reduce gas consumption by modernising their heating installations.