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The nature and scale of the PGNiG Group’s operations, and in particular the potential interference of its exploration, production, storage and distribution infrastructure with the lives of local communities, make the Group deeply committed to building relationships with its social environment. We make every effort to build an equal relationship with local communities, authorities, suppliers and contractors in order to pursue common objectives.

The PGNiG Group creates opportunities for cooperation and builds understanding for mutual relations and interdependencies with individual stakeholder groups.

Our influence on local communities is also manifest in our charitable activities for society, carried out in the PGNiG Group mainly by the PGNiG SA Ignacy Łukasiewicz Foundation.

The Foundation’s objects include:

  • broadly understood support for national culture and heritage; protection of monuments, in particular those related to the gas industry and religious cult;
  • education with particular focus on historical and patriotic projects, including education of university students;
  • sports, including competition as an educational tool for children and youth; health care, social welfare, and vocational and social rehabilitation for the disabled.

The Foundation’s activity is based on cooperation with programme partners and implementation of its own projects which allows it to be used effectively and reach the most needy throughout Poland.

In 2017, the Foundation focused on two proprietary programmes –“Być jak Ignacy” (‘To Be Like Ignacy’) and  “Rozgrzewamy Polskie Serca” (‘We Warm up Polish Hearts’), and in the third quarter of the year it initiated a new educational programme, entitled “Powietrze bez Śmieci” (‘Air without Rubbish’).

The Foundation and the PGNiG Group companies also supported nearly 100 initiatives falling with the scope of activities specified above, for instance by donating funds to the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Museum of Oil and Gas Industry Foundation in Bóbrka to support the museum’s activities. It also supported the Foundation for Civic Space and Social Policy by providing funding for the „Recovering Forgotten History” project.

In addition, in 2017 the Foundation began conceptual and design work on the Ignacy Education and Museum Centre. The aim of the project is to build a nursery and pre-school facility for the children of the PGNiG Group employees and revitalise the Gas Industry Museum to modernise it and bring in line with contemporary museum trends.

The PGNiG SA Ignacy Łukasiewicz Foundation has supported initiatives promoting science, education and history for many years and since 2016 as part of the programme “Być jak Ignacy” which was implemented together with PGNiG.

It is a programme popularising science among primary school students, and at the same time introducing the youngest to the unique figure of the patron of the Foundation along with outstanding Polish scientists. Its main element is a website featuring an interactive comic strip, educational videos showing scientific experiments, and an adventure game.

As part of the programme, the Foundation holds a competition called ‘Ignacy’s School of Science’ to award the Ignaś statuettes. Over 650 schools from all over Poland applied to enter the second edition of the competition. The competition is to select 16 schools (one from each province) which will find the most interesting way to organise and document the work of a specially set up science club and prepare a project. To assist teachers in running such clubs, the Foundation prepared lesson scenarios for 0−3 and 4−6 forms.

The first edition of the programme was summed up by the final gala of awarding prizes to 16 schools from all over Poland.

As part of the programme, the Foundation purchased and equipped a special bus – Ignacy’s mobile laboratory, which enjoyed great popularity on a tour with the radio show ‘Lato z Radiem’.

The programme “Być jak Ignacy” is run under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of National Education and the Polish Radio is its media partner.

„Rozgrzewamy Polskie Serca” – the project run by the Foundation together with PGNiG and other PGNiG Group entities with the aim of raising historical awareness of Poles, preserving national identity and commemorating Polish heroes. As part of the programme, the Foundation supports educational and film making projects, initiatives to aid war veterans, and a variety of cultural activities. A particular focus is placed on reviving the memory and history of the so-called “Cursed Soldiers”, heroes that fell into oblivion for decades.

Under the programme, more than 50 projects were implemented and supported, which reached nearly 5 million recipients. As part of the project, we support the Warsaw Insurgents by funding their gas bills for up to PLN 700 a year.

A project Edukacyjna Pasieka – Energia z Miodu (Educational Apiary – Energy from Honey) was established on the premises of the PGNiG Head Office. It is a part of the programme and responses to the need to protect the environment and protect bees from extinction. Currently, the educational apiary has 15 hives and it is planned to double them in 2018 season. This project includes a series of trainings for employees on bees and apiaries in the city, and in the next stage the cycle of workshops will also be adapted for children and youth from Warsaw schools.


Since 2017, the Foundation and its subsidiaries from the PGNiG Group have been conducting educational activities to combat the smog problem in Poland. The “Powietrze bez Śmieci” educational programme was initiated, consisting of a campaign informing Poles about the problem of smog, through advertising, social media channels and a website, as well as two contests – the first one addressed to municipalities, where residents can win the construction of a scientific playground in their municipality, and the second one addressed to children of 1-3 primary schools, where they can win the equipment to their nature workshop.

The CSR activities focused on implementing a new CSR Strategy in the PGNiG Group, supporting the ongoing initiatives, and creating new projects within the scope of the strategy. Other major CSR projects completed in 2017 included:

  • Pogoń dla Pogoni (‚Pogoń for Pogoń’) is a project combining education, sports and history, and promoting PGNiG as a socially responsible business that supports local communities. As part of the project, the Pogoń Siedlce and Pogoń Lwów football clubs and the communities of both towns worked together towards educating children and youth in history and sports.
  • Górnik w przedszkolu i szkole (‘Oil Miner at School and Kindergarten’) – a voluntary project in which the employees of PGNiG Zielona Góra Branch and the Geology and Hydrocarbon Production Branch take part. The aim is to promote the profession of an oil miner and respond in a structured and organised manner to schools’ and kindergartens’ need to teach about jobs and professions, and visit these institutions on the occasion of Barbórka – the St. Barbara’s Day, the patron saint of miners, falling on December 4th.

In 2017, over 120,000 pupils, about 10,000 students and nearly 5,000 scientists were direct recipients or beneficiaries of the social activities of the PGNiG SA Ignacy Łukasiewicz Foundation and the other PGNiG Group entities (including, in particular, PGNiG, PGNiG TERMIKA and PSG). Communications about CSR projects of the PGNiG Group reached over 800,000 users of the Foundation’s social media.

Together with the companies of the PGNiG Group, the Foundation supported over 100 initiatives in 2017, compared with nearly 80 in 2016.