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G4-15, G4-16

An important element of strengthening the culture of sustainable and responsible business is for us our involvement in the activities of industry associations and organizations.

PGNiG Group engage in the dialogue on building a modern and responsible energy sector in Poland. PGNiG itself is a member and cooperates with several dozen industry organizations in Poland and abroad.

Selected associations and social organizations to which the PGNiG Group belongs:

  • European Energy Forum (EEF),
  • International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP),
  • Society of International Gas Tanker& Terminal Operators (SIGTTO),
  • European Gas Research Group (GERG),
  • European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET),
  • International Gas Union (IGU),
  • Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE),
  • Chamber of the Natural Gas Industry,
  • Polish Geological Society,
  • Association of Energy Trading,
  • Responsible Business Forum,
  • Diversity Charter Signatory.

We are also eager to engage in various types of projects, directly related to the philosophy of responsible business and sustainable development. In Poland, for almost 10 years we have been a member of the Responsible Business Forum, a think-and-do-tank, which promotes the idea of responsible business in our country.


PGNiG is constantly in the elite group of companies listed under the RESPECT Index at the Warsaw Stock Exchange since the beginning of the index, that is from November 19th, 2009. It is a listed index of socially responsible companies.

PGNiG is also a Signatory of the Diversity Charter – a written declaration, signed by organizations, companies and institutions around the world that commit themselves to prohibit discrimination in the workplace and to take action to create and promote diversity.