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Social capital means sharing skills, building good relations and cooperation with stakeholders.

As one of Poland’s oldest and largest enterprises, we conduct business operations in many locations at home and abroad. Aware of the impact on the communities around our facilities, for years we have strived to build lasting relationships and cooperate with our stakeholders at the local and regional level.

Key data:

  • “Be like Ignacy” – a unique program by PGNiG SA and the PGNiG Foundation popularizing science among elementary school students and teaching them about Ignacy Łukasiewicz and other outstanding Polish scientists
  • “We warm Polish hearts” – a project of the foundation, PGNiG and other entities in the PGNiG group supporting measures to raise Poles’ historical awareness
  • “Trash-free air” – educational program fighting the problem of smog in Poland, carried out by the foundation in conjunction with companies from the PGNiG group
  • Care and support for gas-industry museums in Warsaw (by PGNiG) and Paczków (by PSG)

Results achieved:

  • Over 120,000 pupils, about 10,000 university students, and nearly 5,000 scientists as direct participants or beneficiaries of social initiatives of the Ignacy Łukasiewicz PGNiG SA Foundation
  • Over 100 initiatives supported in 2017 by the PGNiG Foundation and companies from the PGNiG group
  • Over 650 schools from throughout Poland entered the Ignacy’s Science School competition as part of the “Be like Ignacy” program
  • PGNiG Gratitude Fund for Warsaw Uprising veterans

How we manage with results:

  • The PGNiG group contributes to local communities through its public interest and charitable activity carried out mainly by the Ignacy Łukasiewicz PGNiG SA Foundation.
  • We carry out strategic long-term social responsibility programs through the foundation and companies in the PGNIG group.
  • We pursue dialogue with the local community in accordance with international best practice and standards developed by the PGNIG group.
  • A good neighbour—through our local initiatives, we pursue the aim of sustainable growth adopted in our strategy: effective cooperation with social partners based on principles of partnership and dialogue.