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Human capital means the sum knowledge of all our staff, their skills, experiences and motivation.

The employees are the foundation for the operation of the group and decisive for its growth prospects. The ambition of the PGNiG group is to build an effective organization based on the unique competencies and qualifications of our employees, which is directly linked with our approach to intellectual capital.

Key data:

  • 24,694 – employment at the PGNiG Group (as at December 31st 2017)


Results achieved:

  • 91.5% – the rate of return to work at the PGNiG Group in 2017.
  • 32 – the number of training hours per PGNiG employee in 2017
  • 47 –  the number of GeoTalent program participants
  • 79% – employees evaluated (the Performance Assessment System)
  • 2.5% – the number of accidents at work fall
  • 6,002 – number of work safety inspections at contractors working for the Company


Employment at the PGNiG Group by segment

* Data for 2016, after changes in the reclassification of the PGNiG Group’s operations in 2017, was moved from the Trading and Storage segment to the Other activities segment.

How we manage with results:

  • Promoting and implementing high standards for hiring of staff by maintaining a model HR policy and building a friendly workplace, one of the aims of the PGNiG Sustainable Growth Strategy for 2017–2022.
  • Providing for growth in mentoring and taking proactive measures to ensure access to qualified staff.
  • Deepening our workers’ knowledge of values and ethics in the working environment.
  • Implementing uniform standards for occupational health and safety management with the aim of continually raising the level of employee safety.