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Intellectual capital means our knowledge-based intangible assets.

Investments in innovations and state-of-the-art solutions increase the efficiency of operations, raise the business potential of the PGNiG group, and help minimize negative impacts on the environment. The group’s priorities include growth in cooperation with the scientific community, as well as supporting and launching the development of startups and SMEs.

Key data:

  • InnVento Incubator – an initiative for young entrepreneurs and scientists aimed at creation of innovative solutions for the energy sector
  • MIT Enterprise Forum Poland Startup Accelerator
  • Initiative Bank – tool for identifying and realizing innovative HR concepts

Results achieved:

  • 96 – number of new offers to perform R&D work received from over two dozen research institutions
  • PLN 18.2 million – total value of 24 R&D contracts performed in 2017
  • 17 – number of new contracts for research projects signed in 2017

How we manage the results:

  • Signing of contract with the National Centre for Research and Development and Gaz-System for implementation of the largest research program in the history of the PGNiG group—InGa (innovative gas industry), for a total of PLN 400 million.
  • Appointment of the Scientific Advisory Group for a second term—a social, interdisciplinary consultation and advisory team providing R&D support for the PGNiG group and the R&D Division.
  • Completion of the 3rd edition of the Young Innovators for PGNiG competition.