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Financial capital the financial resources in the control of the group and funds raised during financing.

The overriding aim of the strategy currently being implemented is growth in the value of the PGNiG group and ensuring financing stability. One of our aspirations in the 2017–2022 timeframe is to achieve a cumulative EBITDA result of PLN 33.7 billion. This requires further initiatives reinforcing the competitive position of the PGNiG group while ensuring growth in the gas market in Poland and the further gasification of the country.

Key data:

  • PLN 48,203 million – total assets 
  • PLN 36,364 million – non-current assets
  • PLN 11,839 million – current assets
  • 30.2% – total liabilities to total equity and liabilities
  • 43.3% – total liabilities to equity 
  • 8.7% – ROE
  • PLN 4,816 million – net cash from operating activities
  • PLN -3,863 million – cash flows from investing activities

Data presented at 31.12.2017

Results achieved:

  • PLN 35,857 million – revenue from sales
  • PLN 3,910 million – earned consolidated operating profit (EBIT)
  • 6,579 – operating profit before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) 
  • PLN 2,921 million – net profit
  • PLN 36.3 million – market capitalisation
  • 12.4 – P/E

How we manage the results:

  • Implementation of an ambitious capex program, the foundation for long-term growth in value, while guaranteeing the country’s energy security.
  • Distribution of 50% of the consolidated net profit in dividends, provided for in the strategy, made possible through active management of financial assets.