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In 2017, PSG spent more than PLN 643m on network expansion and connection of new customers. In order to ensure the improvement and maintenance of the technical condition of gas pipelines and to guarantee their operational safety, PSG is constantly investing in the modernisation of its network assets: in 2017 the company spent more than PLN 290m on gas network alterations and upgrades.

Key investments are pursued on a project basis as part of the Strategic Investment Programme. Strategic investment projects include 52 projects which are, or are planned to be, partiallty financed with EU funds, as well as other investment projects of strategic importance to PSG.

As part of Measure 7.1. – Development of intelligent storage, transmission and distribution systems, Priority axis VII – Improvement of energy security, PSG entered into seven agreements with the Oil and Gas Institute – National Research Institute, providing for co-financing of investment projects with an overall value of more than PLN 357m (the amount of subsidies will be in excess of PLN 171m). The total length of the distribution pipelines which to be built or modernised as part of the projects is 371 km.

In 2017, PSG spent more than PLN 643m on network expansion and connection of new customers

In 2017, PSG continued efforts aimed at intensifying its research and development work with a view to enhancing its innovativeness. PSG’s R&D teams cooperated with various scientific and research institutions in Poland. Furthermore, as part of cooperation within the PGNiG Group, work was continued to prepare various R&D areas for the needs of a competition to be held as part a joint venture organised by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR), PGNiG and GAZ-SYSTEM. PSG is interested in 12 research topics that will be investigated as part of the INGA (Innovative Gas) Joint Venture. In 2017, work continued on the use of an acoustic method (API-AE) for checking the technical condition of pipelines, and tests using this technology were carried out on various types of gas pipelines.

Negotiations are under way to agree the terms and scope of cooperation between PSG and major liquid fuel distributors operating in the Polish market. This cooperation relates to the possibility of extending (building) distribution infrastructure to enable the supply of gas fuels (CNG and LNG).

The investment projects implemented in 2017 increased the number of new customers (metering points) by more than 90 thousand. The length of the company’s own gas network in 2017 was 133.3 thousand kilometers, nearly 5 thousand kilometers more than in 2016.